Dear students!   I am pleased to introduce our new student magazine of the Czech Association of students addictology called ČASÁk. The magazine will be divided into the following sections: Interviews with lecturers,  What do our graduates, Projects of ČASA, ADI – Lifestyle and when it all get through, you will enjoy a bit of […]


Dear students, join our project Wikiscripts! The addictology section on this portal has been empty for a long time and we would like to change it! There are many study materials on this website, but not much of them with an addictology theme. We would like to ask you for help in improving and filling […]

Art Therapy Workshop

Art therapy in practice On Tuesday, 19 May ten students attended art therapy workshop. They tried to be in the client’s position. Several techniques were introduced. The most interesting were painting pictures with watercolors on the given topic, followed by reflection group. Everything took place in a friendly and creative atmosphere. Lecturer Lenka Richterová, Anilea Chudzik, Věra […]

Sharing meeting with Marek Holub

  Art therapy in the treatment of addictions 4. 5. 2015 (Opening of an exhibition of paintings and discussion about art therapy in the treatment of addictions.) Mark Holub is head of the art therapy atelier in the Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice in Prague. He was a guest of our third sharing meeting. On a typical art works of […]