Art Therapy Workshop

Art therapy in practice


On Tuesday, 19 May ten students attended art therapy workshop. They tried to be in the client’s position.

Several techniques were introduced. The most interesting were painting pictures with watercolors on the given topic, followed by reflection group. Everything took place in a friendly and creative atmosphere.

Lecturer Lenka Richterová, Anilea Chudzik, Věra Flechtnerová and Míša Literáková were surprised how easy is to get to sensitive personal issues. However participants were very open and felt completely safe.

Addictology students liked the self-experience focused meeting about art therapy. The client’s position allowed them to understand the possibilities of therapeutic approach of art therapy.

Experience that artistic expression can be used as a way of exploring the human psyche was very authentic and strong.


Due to great interest and interesting reactions of students,  Czech Students Association Addictology plans to organize another self-experience meeting with art therapy in the autumn of this year.


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