Propagation of Addictology Studying at Secondary Schools

“Are you studying an Addictology? And what about is it like?” That question is already annoying and we are simply bored of it. In our ČASA team, we agreed that it is time to make us well known and we created a project for the propagation of Addictology studying at secondary schools. We decided to visit the secondary school, where each one of us studied, and than we introduce the Addictology in graduation classes. You can contact other schools too.


For this propagation was made a short manual, which will be your instruction. The manual includes all general information about addictions and all information related to studying of Addictology.


But the only thing we are missing, Its you! We need addictology students who would be willing to come to the max. two-hour “training” regarding the manual and who voluntarily go to the secondary schools, you first contacting the secondary school and agree on the date of the event. Then it’s up to you, how much energy you give to showing that study of the Addictology is more than just cool.


If you are interested, send us email to


The email has to include: the completed object – Propagation Addictology studying, your name, grade and mode of your study, which school would you like to visit (the information we need to know, do not contact two of yours the same school). Consequently you contact the school themselves and agree for the date of event, and than you send me the information (for mapping of all terms). After all your propagations we will meet and we will speak about your experiences and what we would change in the next year, it helped us.


We would like to you to join us!


Barbora Šťastná


Head of the project “Propagation of Addictology studying at Secondary Schools”