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  • A proper member can be anyone, who is studying bachelor´s, master´s or doctor´s study addictology program in Czech Republic or who is its graduate and agrees with the aims of the Association.
  • Membership is conditioned by a fee 100 CZK and by filling in a registration form of the Association.
  • The membership fee is payed every calendar year.
  • Membership is ended when:
    1. the membership fee is not payed
    2. the member resigns from the Association on the basis of his decision
    3. the member is excluded on the basis of the Presidium decision
    4. the member properly or prematurely finishes his university studies od addictology program
      1. in case of finished university studies the Presidium may decide about the prolongation of membership for two years

Fill in this registration form:

Pay CZK 100

and join us!

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