Mission, vision & objectives


Our mission is to represent the needs and interests of the addictology students of Czech Republic, improve addictology, develop ways and habits to contribute to society, and support scientific, social and cultural cooperation between students, academics and professionals. We work on a voluntary basis and believe that high levels of commitment and enthusiasm will guarantee the best outcome.

Briefly our goals are:

  • Unify addictology students, help them in their studies and professional use
  • Cooperate with the academical community and professional workers in addictology services in Czech Republic and abroad



We aim to constantly develop our services and events, give students possibilities to grow both professionally and personally by learning from and sharing with one another and cooperating with academics and professionals in a multicultural environment. We endeavour to raise awareness of principles in addictology, lessen misconceptions of it, and integrate addictological concepts into society.




  • Unify addictology students and support their mutual cooperation.
  • Support interdisciplinary student cooperation and establish relations with their professional organizations.
  • Cooperate with professional addictology organizations in Czech Republic and abroad.
  • Contribute to professional growth of addictology students.
  • Participate in propagation of the profession addictology.
  • Establish relations with students from foreign countries.

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