Czech Association of Addictology Students

English version of Statute


Czech Association of Addictology Students, z. s. is a voluntary organization of university students studying Addictology program in Czech Republic.



  1. General Articles
  • The name of the association shall be: Czech Association of Addictology Students, z. s. (registered association)
  • Czech Association of Addictology Students, z. s. (hereafter “Association”) may use the shortcut CASA, z. s.
  • The official address of the Association is in Prague.



  1. Mission Statement of the Association
  • Unify addictology students, help them in their studies and professional use
  • Cooperate with the academical community and professional workers in addictology services in Czech Republic and abroad



  1. Objectives
  • Unify addictology students and support their mutual cooperation.
  • Support interdisciplinary student cooperation and establish relations with their professional organizations.
  • Cooperate with professional addictology organizations in Czech Republic and abroad.
  • Contribute to professional growth of addictology students.
  • Participate in propagation of the profession addictology.
  • Establish relations with students from foreign countries.



  1. Association Membership
  • A proper member can be anyone, who is studying bachelor´s, master´s or doctor´s study addictology program in Czech Republic or who is its graduate and agrees with the aims of the Association.
  • Membership is conditioned by a fee 100 CZK and by filling in a registration form of the Association.
  • The membership fee is payed every calendar year.
  • Membership is ended when:
    1. the membership fee is not payed
    2. the member resigns from the Association on the basis of his decision
    3. the member is excluded on the basis of the Presidium decision
    4. the member properly or prematurely finishes his university studies od addictology program
      1. in case of finished university studies the Presidium may decide about the prolongation of membership for two years



  1. Rights and Obligations of Members

Member of the Association has the rights to:

  1. attend meetings of the Membership Meeting of the Association
  2. vote and be voted into the bodies of the Association
  3. give incentives and complaints to the bodies of the Association and regest their handling
  4. attend events organised by the Association in advantaged conditions


Member of the Association is obliged to:

  1. abide by the Association statutes
  2. pay the membership fee



  1. Association Bodies
  • Membership Meeting
  • Presidium



  1. Membership Meeting
  • The highest body of the Association is the Membership Meeting, which consists of all the proper members of the Association.
  • The Membership Meeting votes presently or virtually via the web pages of the Association.
  • The Membership Meetings authorities are:
    1. making decisions about statute changes
    2. voting the Presidium
    3. other authorities, which may be set aside by the Membership Meeting or are stated by law


  1. Presidium
  • The Presidium is the statutory body of the Association and directs its activities
  • Members of the Presidium are elected for one year.
  • The Presidium has three members.
  • The Presidium is represented by:
    1. One President
    2. Two Vicepresidents
  • The Presidium is capable of decision making at absolute majority of members and decides at simple majority.
  • The first members of the Presidium are following founders
    1. Anna Vondrová as President
    2. Lenka Richterová as Vicepresident
    3. Vladěna Sobasová as Viceprsident



  1. Presidium Members Elections
  • The elections take place once a year.
  • Details are provided in internal regulations.



  1. Principles of Economic Activities
  • Incomes of the Association are particulary formed by these sources:
    1. membership fees
    2. grants, donations and contributions from a legal person and a natural person
    3. profits from the Associations own activity
  • Association budget is approved by the Presidium for the given electoral period.
  • Exceptional expenses are approved by the Presidium.



  1. Final Provisions
  • Detail rules of the Association activities are provided in the Organisation code, internal regulations and rules for the Association activities, which are accepted by the Presidium with unanimity.
  • The statutes come into effect in the moment of the Associations commencement.



The founders agreed on the statutes 18.6.2015.


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